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Bejot with Must Have award for Flos collection!



We already know the results of the Must Have plebiscite at the Łódź Design Festival. The organizers emphasize cooperation between designer and manufacturer and reward those products that meet the needs of modern consumers, such as health, well-being and concern for the environment. This is a free certificate of quality, used in the domestic and international market. It is also a special distinction and one of the more recognizable designations in the Polish design world.


Another Must Have for Bejot

This year's plebiscite selected 81 products, including furniture, accessories, audiophile equipment, publications and applications. We congratulate all the awardees and are pleased that Bejot was among the group.  This is another Must Have awarded to us by Lodz Design Festival. In 2022 we received a statuette for the Gummy Bear collection of outdoor armchairs designed by Jan Kochanski.

This time Must Have was awarded to the Flos collection by Tomasz Augustyniak. He is a well-known industrial design designer and interior architect, a graduate of the Faculty of Interior Design and Industrial Design at the University of Arts in Poznań. Author of many collections of office and home furniture for major Polish brands. Winner of numerous design awards. 


Must Have Flos


Flos collection with Must Have certificate

The appreciation of the Flos collection in the Must Have plebiscite is a reflection of the popularity of this line. It is increasingly popular with our customers at home and abroad.  

Flos was inspired by the combination of organic shape and elements expressing peace and harmony. The name of the collection refers to biophilia not without reason - flos is Latin for flower. The organic shape of the solids recalls the streamlined shapes found in nature, which enables the creation of an atmosphere conducive to building good human relationships. The aesthetic qualities of the collection are emphasized by the flowing line, which gives lightness, a touch of classic character, as well as subtlety welcome in domesticated work spaces for relaxation and tranquility. In the author's words: "The starting point was two interdependent directions of development: form and ergonomics. The first is the search for a flowing shape line connecting all elements of the collection, expressing tranquility, balance and harmony. The second seeks to achieve maximum comfort in furniture, while limiting the use of material."