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Hybrid office - what should you know?

The hybrid work model is the solution of the future. Assumptions that office spaces will evolve in this direction arose some time ago. This trend has strengthened significantly in the past year. Home office has become an everyday reality in many Polish and foreign companies. And while it works very well, an opportunity to meet in real life is also important. So hybrid offices will appear in place of traditional ones. See what this modern concept is all about!

What are hybrid offices?

This system assumes that most people perform their work duties remotely and only show up at the company's premises once in a while. The only employees permanently present at company desks are those who are required to do so by the specificity of their tasks. Thus, an employee has no fixed workstation. When an employee comes into the office, they sit down at a free table, and after the job is done, they collect their stuff.

When designing an interior with a hybrid spirit, you shall consider:

  • a typical office space - with desks and chairs,
  • conference and multimedia rooms - separated by modular and acoustic furniture,
  • coworking space - for quick meetings, but also comfortable relaxation.

Opt for flexibility and mobility

Since the purpose of modern office is, above all, to maintain relations, serve as a space for the exchange of ideas and mutual inspiration, its heart is the co-working zone. When arranging it, choose flexible solutions that will provide maximum comfort for employees during meetings, tasks, and social conversations. The furniture you choose should be functional and mobile.

Be sure to think of a comfortable relaxation area that is conducive to creative work. Quadra modular systems for offices or our new Plint collection are perfect for this! With the help of sofas, armchairs, pouffes, and partition walls, you can create a friendly space which can be quickly and conveniently adapted to your dynamically changing needs.

Ensure high acoustic comfort

Mobile acoustic walls from the Selva collection will come in handy – modern screens also come in a version equipped with wheels:

  • very good sound absorption,
  • privacy guaranteed,
  • stay focused on a task or conversation.

These types of solutions will work well in a coworking area, as well as in an office space designed for an individual work.

Online meetings and video conferencing? Check out the Treehouse collection!

Traditional conference rooms with large tables and chairs will be replaced by... modern acoustic booths! The mini lounges from the Treehouse collection are a combination of great design and superior functionality. We have designed them in a way, which helps you create a separate, quiet space in an otherwise noisy open space. In the collection, you will find models:

  • 1, 2, and 4-person,
  • closed and open,
  • designed for seated or standing work.

Treehouseoffice furniture is the perfect place for brainstorming or hosting a teleconference. It will also work well as a secluded space for important business discussions and individual work.

Arrange a modern hybrid office with us!

These and many other suggestions can be found in the product catalog of Bejot company. We are a Polish manufacturer of modern office and acoustic furniture and we distribute our products across Poland and abroad. Need personalized solutions? With the help of the configurator, you can adjust the chosen design to your needs. Check our offer, and if you have any questions, give us a call or write to us - we will be glad to advise you!