Ergonomics – a balance between a man and the environment.

Ergonomics has always been a centre of our interests. Many years of research have enabled us to choose the solutions that help maintain a balance between the people and their environment, and create the collections that ensure well-being and comfort of the work.

The world changes,
and we change together with it.

We are an observer and an initiator of the changes that take place in the modern work environment. We look at the office in a comprehensive manner, striving to create a fully ergonomic space, in which we feel good in every respect – physical, metal and social.

This is a basis of the ergonomic workplace. Maintaining a correct posture will eliminate a negative impact of the sedentary work on the employee’s health.  

A lack of the physical activity constitutes a problem! Search for the ergonomic solutions compliant with the sitting & standing philosophy. Be mobile and change your position on the regular basis during the day.

Proper acoustics is of the essential significance when creating an ergonomic office. Eliminate the unnecessary sounds as it will have a positive impact on well-being and effectivity of the employees.


Restore a contact with the nature. Introduce the natural elements such as the wood, plants, colours and structures inspired by nature, to the office. The good mood, is also ergonomics, as it will boost the creativity and ingenuity of the employees.

Green Park Office

The rigid work structures fail to fulfil their role. The time has come for the changes, innovations, project-related thinking. Design your creative space, stimulating a discussion and supporting a development.  

Ergonomic armchair

An ergonomic armchair has the functions that enable
to adapt the armchair to the individual proportions of the body.  


  • ran adjustable height allows the armchair height to be adjusted to the individual parameters of your body and the height of your desk.
  • an adjustment of the seat depth ensures the support from two-thirds to three-fourths of your thighs.
  • a well profiled, front Edge of the seat should be rounded in order to ensure comfort during the long hours of the work. 


  • an adjustable height allows the armchair height to be adjusted to the individual parameters of your body.
  • a backrest at its any point, and in particular its lumbar part, should adhere to your back. The heathiest sitting is when the backrest is inclined a tan angle of 115 degrees.

Lumbar support

  • an adjustable height or depth of the lumbar support will ensure a support for the back at any point, and in particular the lumbar region of the back. 


  • a synchro mechanism that ensures the so-called dynamic sitting, mainly through the synchronization of the inclination movement of the backrest and the seat and an option to fix the backrest in some positions.
  • an adjustment of the pressure force helps to adjust smoothly and safely a pressure exerted on the spine. 


  • with an adjustable height and an inclination angle, allowing for supporting a head in the position, in which a computer screen is at the height of the sight and the back of the neck is loaded.  


  • with an adjustable height and width enable to adjust an optimum position for the forearms.
  • a wide, soft cover decreases a pressure and gives a sense of comfort.

High shock absorber

  • a solution compliant with the sitting & standing philosophy enables to change your position from siting to a standing one at any moment, while eliminating the negative effects of the sitting work. 


  • a base with the patented SBF solution activated the micro movements of the muscles thus stimulates the spontaneous changes of the posture, what has a direct impact on the good well-being of the user. 

Our solution

Support Base Flexi

We design for Your health

Thanks to the SUPPORT BASE FLEXI (SBF) you are moving even when you sit. Our solution activates the micro movements of the muscles thus stimulates the spontaneous changes of the posture. This minor change of the position is responsible for your natural need for movement, what has a direct impact on the positive effects, inter alia, your blood circulation is improved therefore your cells are oxygenated better.  

The office workers using the SUPPORT BASE FLEXI are more active both physically, and mentally, feel better and are more effective. 

Sitting on the chair with the Support Base Flexi

You take care of the spine.

You prevent a pain conditions of the back

You stimulate creativity
and increase your concentration.

You supply twenty times more
oxygen to your cells

You improve your metabolic rate

You eliminate fatigue

You increase your infection immunity