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Ergonomic office armchair – essential in any office

Did you know that properly chosen ergonomic office chairs have a significant impact on productivity levels and even health itself? The position you sit in at work determines not only how you feel in the office, but outside it too. Even if you don’t feel any difference the first few days, the chair will either be your ally or a silent thief of energy in the long run. What do ergonomic principles indicate about choosing office furniture? Check it out below!

Ergonomic office armchair - what, how and why?

The word "ergonomic" itself seems to be a bit of  exaggerated. However, if we take a closer look at the term, it turns out that it is indeed a key feature - or rather a set of features - of a well-made piece of furniture. A user-friendly office chair will meet certain specific and well-defined criteria. What are they? The general rule is that the chair must provide a comfortable and unforced position. You will find detailed information on this in OHS regulations.

However, to save you a long read, the most important principles are given below. An ergonomic office chair should:

  • be adjustable in height with the seat at the height of 45-50 cm from the floor and the armrest at the level of 19-25 cm from the seat,
  • have a stable base with at least five support points, e.g. wheels,
  • have a well-profiled backrest that is adjustable in height and angle,
  • ensure freedom of movement.

Against all appearances, a chair does not need to have a headrest. It is enough if the backrest is high enough and provides full comfort. Summing up - ergonomic chairs should be comfortable and ensure safety even if you spend many hours sitting at a desk.

Ergonomic chairs - invest well!

Office furniture also needs to be durable. Long hours of using for at least 5 days a week makes these products wear out. If you want long-lasting chairs, pay attention to abrasion resistance and light of the fabrics when purchasing.

Each upholstery material in our offer has been described in detail in terms of these and other parameters. The most durable are, naturally, synthetics such as Nice or Fighter made of 100% polyester. However, if you want to obtain timeless furnishings, bet on wool - you will also find this natural fibre strengthened with polyamide in various versions - Synergy, Remix, or a new fabric in our offer - Easy.

Unique look and functionality

The style of an office and the quality of furniture play an image role. Chairs or desks that are of poor durability and workmanship convey the message that "this company is not doing well". On the other hand, solid furnishings with an interesting design "inform" customers and employees that the business is thriving. It is worth investing in ergonomic chairs also because they clearly reduce the risk of pain in the lower back, shoulders and neck.

To the health of your staff!

With many years of experience, we provide proven solutions that meet the health and safety requirements and needs of our customers across the world. In our offer you will find ergonomic office armchairs of elegant shapes and upholstery materials which you can customize. Choose a model and select the type, pattern and colour of fabric for it. Take care of the details and order an embroidered logo on the armchair backrest. We guarantee a wide selection and the highest standard of workmanship. Check us out.