Unique Identity

We give our products a unique identity

At Bejot, we all know that questioning the obvious truths allows us to find a path that leads to giving our products a unique identity.

We go beyond the limits of our knowledge and conventional thinking

When designing furniture that is to delight and hypnotize, we try to look for inspiration in the environment and closely observe design trends, but at the same time we are not afraid to go beyond the scope of our knowledge and conventional thinking.

Doskonałe tkaniny wzory

Excellent technical parameters and timeless design

We make dozens, sometimes hundreds of drawings to crystallize a form that will find harmony between excellent technical parameters and timeless design.

The vision of this fascinating begins with a fascinating work with materials, the choice of fabric types, wood texture, selection of finishing elements.

The final product is suited ideally to the interior

Our designers create a number of configurations that express their vision, but at the same time they always leave the possibility of reinterpretation, so that the final product is a decoration of the interior.

Wnętrze z meblami bejot

Steps of designing


We draw
from nature


We are planning
the entire collection

The creation of new collections is a multi-stage process, which begins with the vision of the designer. This is the result of a collision of the designer vision with the manufacturer's experience and technological capabilities, supported by appropriate research. This is how the collections, thought out in every detail, are created, designed to meet the expectations of users.




We promote
on the market