Green Park Office

The Green Park Office products when combined together, create a perfect office

The Green Park Office comprises several products, which can function independently, however when combined together, create a perfect office. It is a modern and innovative concept, which will bring quality of the work in the office to a whole new level.

Learn Our solutions step by step and restore your contact with the nature.

We create
the people-friendly spaces.

For years we tirelessly search for the solutions that help create the people – friendly spaces. As a result of many researches, tests and a cooperation with the renowned designers, inter alia Maciej Karpiak or Dymitr Malcew, the Green Park Office by Bejot – a holistic concept compliant with the Biophilic Design philosophy was developed.

We are inspired by the nature and its ergonomic solutions.
We developed a group of the perfect products, so that everything like in the park has its place.
We created a concept, which brings closer a nearby park to the edge of the desk.

Step by step


Active sitting ... that is which one?

That is one that protects the discs by an ability to move its seat in many planes and activates the muscular system. It guarantees: maintaining a correct posture while sitting, energy and immunity to the infections, a positive attitude, efficiency of the employees.  

Learn a sitting & standing philosophy and choose a model that enables you to work both in the sitting, and standing position. This solution can be also used in the receptions and waiting rooms, where upon a long trip you may have your coffee while standing up. 

Tame a noise and take care of the ACUSTICS around you.
All sounds collected around can cause a decrease in concentration, headaches, irritation. However, you can manage it taking care of the acoustics of the rooms, in which you stay. There are many solutions:

  • wall acoustic panels,
  • free-standing acoustic panels,
  • ceiling acoustic panels,
  • sound absorber.

However, remember to pay attention if a concerned product absorbs sound, and not only reflects it. Would you like to improve acoustics of the room under a supervision of the professional?  
Contact with us and get help from our acoustics specialist. 

Once you have taken care of the quiet and friendly interior, it’s time to think about a workplace organised according to the Biophilia idea, which allows for restoring a contact with the nature by introducing the plants or the elements that imitate the nature to the interior of the office. While improving a comfort of the interior and taking care of Your well-being and increasing effectivity of the work will help you:

  • references to the nature and the solutions that enable to increase an amount of the plants in the office,
  • use the wooden elements and natural fabrics,
  • colours inspired by the nature.

Create a perfect space for a free development of the CREATIVE TEAMS.
Have you already taken care of the interiors and biodynamic forms of work, what’s next?
Improve an atmosphere in your team. Move your team from a conference room to a less formal meeting places and see how:

  • creativity of your employees is revived,
  • a work atmosphere gets better,
  • a team work improves,
  • a sense of security and self-confidence increases,
  • problems are solved quicker.

Arrange a space, where everybody feels secure and equally with the others.
Learn the solutions, which unconsciously increase creativity and make everyone share even the most non-standard idea.