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Home Office – Arranging a Workplace at Home

Remote working has become an everyday reality for many persons, so a comfortable office space in the flat is essential. When designing a Home Office, it is worth taking into account both a design of the furniture and its functionality. A properly chosen chair and desk, as well as lighting, will increase your efficiency and will have a positive impact on your well-being. How to arrange a place to work at home according to the principles of ergonomics? See our expert advice!

Ergonomic Home Office space – so, how it looks like?

Such which considers all of human needs related to a fulfilment of the professional duties and provides you with a maximum comfort when working remotely. You can arrange it in any premises. Just pay special attention to:

  • a choice of the proper place,
  • a separation of the office area from the rest of the interior,
  • ergonomic furniture, i.e., a comfortable desk and armchair,
  • well-chosen lighting.

Think also about a design. Aesthetically arranged space is more pleasant to work in. Instead of strong contrasts and flamboyant colours, which can be distracting, opt for muted, light colours. In the Home Office area, modern, minimalist and Scandinavian designs will work perfectly. It is also worth ensuring that the work area matches a style of the rest of the premises.

What furniture to choose for your home office?

A properly chosen desk and ergonomic chair are a cornerstone. They will ensure a maximum comfort to you while working and prevent strain on the spine and wrists. When making a purchase, take the following into account:

  • a height of tabletop and seat,
  • a proper fit of armrests and headrests,
  • an ergonomic profiling of seat and backrest.

Which chair to choose in order to match your desk?

Models in which you can adjust a height of the individual elements to suit you will work best. Another significant aspect is a proper profiling. A good office chair should support the cervical, thoracic and lumbar sections of the spine. Ergonomics of a chair also means its height. Adjust it so that when you sit, your hip and knee joints are bent at an angle of 90 degrees. The third significant issue constitute the armrests. The optimum adjustment of their height in relation to the desk will protect your wrists from any strains.

How to separate the Home Office space?

Ideally, a separate premise should be designated for the home office. However, very often the only option is to separate a place to work in the living room or bedroom. In such a situation, an ergonomic chair and a desk are not sufficient. For the purpose of ensuring silence and as much focus as possible on the tasks performed, it is also worth using modern acoustic solutions.

The Roll Wall mobile partition walls by Bejot will prove useful not only in corporate open space, but also in the Home Office. They quickly and effectively separate the office zone from the rest of the interior. In this way you will create conditions conducive to focus attention. If you have children at home, you will particularly appreciate this solution. The elements upholstered with soft fabric will also make an interesting decoration. Choose your favourite colour and match them to the style of your flat!

Optimise your home office with us!

Are you still taking thought which office armchair, chair or desk will work best in your home office? Discover Bejot furniture - you can use our offer in Poland and all across the world. Do you need any professional advice? Contact us - we will present you the ideas for the modern Home Office arrangements!