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The most ergonomic chairs for your office

The sitting position while working at a computer seems to be something obvious - we work sitting down a little bit out of comfort, a little bit out of habit. However, experts agree that prolonged sitting is quite a challenge for the spine. Whether you are just arranging a corporate open space, small office, or home office, ergonomic officechairsare a good investment. How do you spot the best ones? Check out our guide.

Ergonomic chairs - why are they so important?

The office is where employees spend a good portion of their day. The way you arrange workstations and conference rooms has a direct impact on the efficiency, creativity and well-being of your team. The design of office furniture is important, but that's not all – the chairs must be comfortable and safe. So go formodern models designed in accordance with ergonomic principles.

Ergonomic, meaning adapted to the human anatomy

Ergonomic office chairs are the ones that guarantee a comfortable and natural position while working. They should provide maximum comfort while sitting and full freedom of movement. Anatomically shaped seat and backrest, adjustable armrests, option to swivel the chair around the vertical axis in the range of 360° - it all matters here. An ergonomic office chair should also have a stable base with at least five points of support, and it should be adjustable.

Also think about comfortable conference chairs

Conference room is a place for training, presentations, business meetings with clients, contractors and investors - so it is a business card of the company, it simply has to look great. When arranging your space, consider not only the design, but also how practical they are. Conference chairs should be, above all, comfortable, convenient and durable.

Invest well

Ergonomic officechairs are a good investment. They are comfortable and also relieve pressure on the neck and lumbar spine, preventing headaches and back pain. If you are looking for the best solutions, check out Bejot's offer. All modern office and conferencechairs, as well as bar stools and office desks, can be fully customised. Find your favourite model and then decide on the type of construction, colours, materials and upholstery fabric. 
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