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New configurators - a simple design tool


konfigurator leaf_pod


New configurators - a simple design tool

We have prepared configurators for the modular collections leaf_pod and saar. Intuitive tools that will allow you to quickly create an individual set. 



modular system of walls, sofas, countertops, shelves and other accessories






bookstands with individually tailored sizes, colors and accessories

Leaf_pod configurator

There are 11 universal sets enabling you to easily change the color, match the size and equipment and add roofs or TV brackets.

Saar configurator

There are several dozen ready-made templates to help you match the colors and equipment: shelves, cabinets, seats, coat stands and much more.


konfigurator saar



The configurators can be accessed through:

1. Our website

2. The pCon.planner

3. Mobile applications:


We invite you to creative work.


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