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Trend: colours speak softly



This season is full of trends that highlight a deep connection with nature. There is a strong focus on natural materials, emphasizing closeness to nature and ecological lifestyles. This, in turn, influences colour trends. Warm and harmonic colours not only relate directly to the eco trend, but create unique atmosphere of calmness at the same time.


What are the trends in 2024?

Architects and interior designers are not only reaching for colours of earth: warm browns or beiges and delicate shades of green. They also use soft pastels for several seasons in their projects. Pastels are the safest to mix with others tones in interior design.  They  make perfect combinations with all neutral colours, such as black, white, beige or grey. We can freely combine them with wood and metal.


collections: flos, saar, spin


Why use pastel colours in interior designing?

First of all pastel colours creates smooth and welcoming atmosphere in any interior . Soft tones brings harmony, relax and balance in to the workspace. Therefore, pastels will work well in places where an atmosphere for relaxation is very important. Soft colours suggest sophisticated character of the project.

Secondly, light pastel palette optically enlarge the interior, making it seem more spacious and transparent. This is a perfect solution for smaller spaces, where every centimetre plays an important role.

Finally, they are extremely universal, not only in terms of aesthetics, but also functionality. Their universal nature allows them to be easily used in both traditional and modern interior designs.

collection: epocc lounge


Fabrics we recommend.

There are many fabrics that emphasize closeness to nature in our offer. Strating with earth tones to delicate and soft pastel colours. Our customers often reach for natural fabrics, such as Synergy or Blazer. Those two lines are based on natural Lana Virgin wool and offers not only classic colours, but also a range of soft pastels. 

Ally is new in our offer. It’s a melange fabric in warm earth tones and pastel greens. We recommend it especially for soft seating

Fabrics we also recommend are Cura and Oceanic. Cura is manufactured from used plastic bottles. Has the GRS certificate specifying the requirements for recycled fiber and EU eco-label and the Oeko_Tex quality certificate proving that the product is harmless to humans. Cura also meets the requirements of Möbelfakta - the Swedish furniture classification system. Cura fabric can be used in most Bejot products and it works well with Flos or Epocc Lounge collections.

Oceanic, consists of 100% polyester recycled plastic from bottles and plastic bags, with 50% of it made from Seaqual, a new innovative yarn. It is made from reused plastic waste floating in the oceans. It’s a next step in improving the well-being of our ecosystem. The fabric is used in most Bejot products – soft seating, acoustic furniture and swivel chairs.